Men's Fashion Tips: The Basics of Men's Dress Shoes

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Men do consider their looks. Earlier fashion industry was dominated by female specimens but currently men are giving it equal importance and have become fashion conscious. Men are now concentrating on their footwear which definitely adds that appeal to the attire but he should be able enough to carry it with confidence. Here is a quick list of the several types of shoes designed particularly for men:

Dress Shoes   
These are the shoes worn for all the formal occasions. Team up a good pair of dress shoes with your business suits and you are ready to take the world. There are two types in this category oxfords and slip- ons. I personally prefer the classic oxfords which are never out of fashion and denote the true English gentleman.

Saddle Shoes 

It is a casual oxford shoe, and this is distinctive as it uses an extra layer of leather over the instep that is usually in different colour than the rest. This is a classic casual style and could be worn with a nice pair of trousers.

Boat Shoes 

Do not wear this shoe only for the heck of wearing as you might end up as a disaster. Team them up properly and when the right dress is chosen, these shoes work their magic. These came all the way from the docks of Boston top the closets of men and when used intelligently can make you look like million bucks.

Canvas Shoes

This is one shoe which is present in everyone’s closet. By cleaning it regularly and investing in a good pair (psst the colour matters) you can look great when worn with jeans or shorts.


These are another of my personal favourites. Gone are the days when men use to relax by the beach in a pair of good loafers.  Ensure that this is present in your wardrobe. Team them up with a jacket or a coat and you are ready to paint the town.

Athletic shoes 
Your running shoes, basketball shoes, trainers, tennis shoes all come under this category.

There are various models and different are used for different purposes so the next time you invest on a pair of boots ensure you know the utility.  The types are work boots, hiking boots, western boots and dress boots.

 The above mentioned are a few amongst the others such as sandals, flip-flops, vans, crocs, clogs, custom made shoes and so on.
There are a few things you should consider while buying the dress shoes and given below are a few tips to help you:
  • Ensure that the shoe is an exact fit
  • Prefer oxfords to other dressing shoes as they create a strong impression on others mind
  • The soles should be light and just the size of the shoe. They should not extend the shoe as they do in the solid square-footed shoes that are now finally out of fashion
  • Invest in leather soles as this give longevity to your shoes
  • Do not worry about the cost as it is wise to invest on pair of nice oxford dress shoes which have longevity
  • Lastly do not chose black but prefer brown or shades in brown to create an impact

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